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If you’re looking to add a little southern flair to your wardrobe, Southern Flair is the place to go. The blog offers outfit inspiration as well as beauty tips. Whether you’re planning a vacation or just want to update your style, the blog is sure to inspire you.

What is Southern Styling?
When it comes to fashion, the southern way is all about color and patterns. The boldness of color is important to Southern girls, and they’re not afraid of mixing patterns, especially with accessories. Patterns like plaid and gingham are staples in the Southern wardrobe, and Southern girls often wear bright prints like Lilly Pulitzer. Seersucker is also common, especially in the spring and summer. Dresses made from this fabric are often in pastel colors and are ideal for spring.

This style combines classic elements with a casual, easygoing approach. For example, a Southern home is full of pieces that speak to the owners, as well as to their grandmothers. Classic pieces of art such as oil paintings are mixed with abstract paintings, and plenty of color is used throughout the home. These homes are not afraid of changing trends, and they make sure to select pieces that will last for years.

The 3 Types of Fashion Trends
When it comes to fashion, the Southern way is distinctly different from other parts of the world. Although New Yorkers and Parisians may favor all-black ensembles, Southerners don’t shy away from color or pattern. For instance, gingham, plaid, and Lilly Pulitzer are all staples in the Southern wardrobe. While they aren’t so common in the North, these patterns are a welcome addition to any outfit, especially in spring and summer. You’ll also find plenty of outfits featuring seersucker accents in pastel colors.

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Fall is another time for the Southern way of dressing. The climate in Southern California is mild year-round, so outfits designed for late September and early November are typically lightweight and comfortable. The goal here is to look as cute as possible, without looking too summery or cold. In addition to layers, choose breathable cotton tops and skirts. And be sure to include a cardigan for a stylish, cozy look.

How to Style Southern Clothes
When it comes to Southern style, bold colors and patterns are the key to creating an interesting outfit. While New Yorkers and Parisians might wear all black, Southerners don’t like monochromatic looks, preferring to use several coordinated colors and coordinated accessories instead. They can even be seen sporting nautical-themed clothes, which is a great option for summer.

In the South, denim is a must-have. It has just the right weight for warm weather, and gives off a certain attitude. Whether you’re heading out to the grocery store or the beach, denim is a versatile option that will suit almost any occasion. In warm weather, pair it with a knit tank for a layered look.

Where to Get Southern Inspired Pieces
Whether you’re looking for a unique accent or a rustic decoration for your home, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding items inspired by the South. Music from this region has enriched the American musical tradition and helped create some of the most famous musicians of all time. In addition, Southern musicians have influenced artists from all over the world. In fact, some of the most popular songs in the world today are derived from the Southern region.

If you’re looking for an authentic Southern-styled piece to add to your home decor, you’ll want to visit Blushing Black. This lifestyle blog, written by a tech-savvy fashionista with an Atlanta, Georgia home base, features street style, Instagram photos, and other posts on all things southern. In recent weeks, the blog has featured a tribute outfit to the Bahamas as well as a guide to wedding cell phone etiquette.

Southern Flair is a fashion and personal style blog that celebrates the distinct style of the American South. The blog covers a variety of topics including trends, beauty tips, and home decor ideas. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys southern fashion. In addition to fashion, Southern Flair also includes articles on green living, wedding planning, and cooking tips.

A Southern Flair is a great blog for women of all ages who are looking for style tips and inspiration. Caitlin’s blog combines style and lifestyle tips with DIY projects. She also includes beauty tips and recipes. Her blog also offers style advice for women of all ages, from early teens to late middle aged.

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