Adventures in Fashion – Book Review


In her YA novel Adventures in Fashion, Emily Craven creates an online fashion journal that is both a fun read and a novel. The storyline follows the life of Madeline as she attempts to find her true path through fashion. Along the way, she encounters many bizarre characters, including a dog whisperer, a zombie, and an insane child. Eventually, she manages to save a potential mobster and secure her life-debt. Then, she sets her sights on an incredible internship opportunity. However, as the adventures of Madeline progress, she must face the many complications she faces, including Kevin’s obsession with her.

Originally a fashion blog, Adventures in Fashion has since expanded to a travel site, where editors share their experiences and recommendations for the best places to visit. Its editors are highly trained and have worked in the online magazine industry for over seven years. They have traveled to many intriguing destinations around the world and believe that travelling allows you to experience unique experiences that would otherwise not be available to you.

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