Adventures in Fashion: Shwe Yoke Fashion


Shwe Yoke Fashion is an iconic element of clothing, and it can be decorative or functional. They can emphasize the structure of a garment and can be found on the shoulders, the waist, or the neck. A basic yoke is relatively simple. It consists of two panels that are cut to length and sewn together. Yokes are most commonly seen on men’s shirts, particularly the front and back.

Besides the yoke, another interesting part of this garment is the welt pocket. This pocket is trimmed in Shweshwe cultural fabric. It is also designed with “ethnic” buttons. This style can come with 3/4-length sleeves or a full collar. It also comes in two-tone color schemes. It is possible to find a yoke in blue and turquoise or brown and orange linen.

Another variation of the yoke is the split yoke. This design allows for more stretch. Typically, high-quality woven cotton will not stretch diagonally or vertically, but a split yoke will add stretch to the yoke’s width. That added stretch makes the shirt feel more comfortable. But it is also a matter of preference. While many people prefer a split yoke, it’s not necessary for every shirt. A solid-color shirt may look less clean with an extra seam.

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