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Maxim Lavrov is a Russian fashion blogger who started his blog in 2009. He became popular in Russia and moved to New York City in 2012. He now works as a fashion reporter for a Russian-language television station, and his blog features his lifestyle in New York. He is also a frequent guest speaker at fashion events.

Angela Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Angela is a fashion expert who started her career as a journalist, but then made a switch to the modeling industry. She uses social media to share her professional insight on fashion, beauty, and trends. She splits her time between Budapest, Moscow, and New York. She is passionate about oceans, which is evident in her clothing designs, which resemble waves.

Russians are becoming more prominent in the fashion industry, and it’s a great time to start following these influential bloggers! Not only are they making waves on Instagram, but they are also forming an important part of the modeling and design industry. Following these Russian fashion bloggers is a great way to combine your love of fashion with your passion for the arts.

Angela is an example of someone who is taking risks and trying new things to make her life better. She originally thought she was doomed to sit behind a desk for the rest of her life. So she started skipping school. This made her fall from being a straight-A student to having a 1.9 GPA. After changing her high school, she was able to change the course of her life.

Marie Kitsova Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Marie Kitsova is a Russian fashion blogger in New York City. Having started her career as a writer, she has now made the leap into the modeling industry and blogs about her professional experiences and the latest trends. She splits her time between Moscow and New York, but she is most known for her insight into fashion and design.

Polina Prokudina is another fashion blogger whose blog has a Russian flair. A former fashion stylist, she is an expert in putting together outfits that will turn heads. A true fashionista, she also has her own clothing line that is available in Russian Zara stores.

Marie Kitsova, who grew up in New York, is an influencer in the fashion world. She has a unique sense of style that combines Russian and British cultures. She is a blogger and also the Junior Editor of a fashion website, Lisaveta. She has a huge following in her home country and has made a name for herself in the fashion world.

Irina Shuvalova Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Irina Shuvalova is based in New York City and started her fashion blog in 2010. She is an accomplished journalist who writes about contemporary fashion, beauty and design. Her readers include more than 100 thousand subscribers and follow her on social media. She is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and studied art. During her studies, she worked on two large TV shows and studied movie directing, but soon realized that her true calling was in fashion.

Maxim Lavrov Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Maxim Lavrov is a Russian fashion blogger based in New York City. He began blogging in 2009, and his posts quickly gained popularity in his native country. In 2012, he moved to the Big Apple, where he now works as a fashion correspondent for a Russian television network. He also blogs about his life in New York and his passion for dressing well.

At first, he was mocked by Viktor Barinov, but he soon realized his true potential and began to support his beautiful colleagues. He tries to make his co-workers look good, and sometimes he even plays a trick on them. He loves to make jokes, and he likes the attention of women.

Despite the Russian government’s best efforts, Lavrov has made it clear that he’s not a fan of the Kremlin’s propaganda. His tweets have garnered much attention and are now being rebuffed by the Kremlin.

Duma Khromchenko Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
In addition to her successful career as a fashion blogger, Duma has also been featured in numerous publications, including the Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes Woman. Her style is known for its uniqueness and originality. She is a regular on the fashion week circuit and has amassed a following of 1.6 million Instagram followers. She has also been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and by the UN Environment Programme as an inspirational woman in STEM. She invests in various digital and fashion companies and contributes to publications such as Glamour and Works of art.

Born in Ufa, Russia, Duma Khromchenko has an impressive portfolio of achievements. After graduating with honors from the journalism faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, she has worked in media and fashion, including as a journalist for the Russian Silhouette Charity Foundation. She has also been an investor in Reformation, Dropel Fabrics, Finery, and RewardStyle, and has joined the New York Fashion Tech Labs as a mentor.

Anna Midday Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
A big fashion blogger from Russia, Anna Midday, blogs regularly about fashion, style, and travel. With eight years of experience, she knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and travel. Her posts are filled with stories that give you a deeper understanding of how to look beautiful, achieve harmony, and feel good about yourself. Her posts are not only full of fashion tips, but they are also a glimpse into her innate Russian personality.

Another notable Russian fashion blogger from New York is Natasya Samburskaya, who started a Bella Potemkina runway show during the MBFW Russia in 2014. While she is best known for her role on the television series “Univer,” this 30-year-old is also a model.

Xenia Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Xenia is a social media personality and famous fashion influencer who has a huge following on Twitter. Born in Magnitogorsk, Russia, she moved to Switzerland when she was six. She has over seven million followers and a degree in economics. She also speaks six languages. Xenia was named the most beautiful woman of 2012 by Maxim magazine, and she has modeled for Burger King and Casino Lugano. Xenia is fluent in Italian and Spanish and has taken acting classes at the New York Film Academy. She also turned down a job with JP Morgan London, and she wants to start her own company.

Xenia’s photo was taken in her hotel room in Manhattan against the skyline in the early morning. She tagged Gucci and Dyson (whose arm flew to New York for shows) in the caption. However, the caption received mixed reaction. One commenter called the post offensive, and Xenia responded with a prayer emoji and a heart emoji. The comments were quickly deleted, but Xenia has not deleted her account.

Polina Prokudina Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Polina Prokudina is arguably one of the most fashionable Russian bloggers in New York. She’s an ex-model and stylist who writes about the latest fashion trends. She’s one step ahead of the fashion world and is always ahead of the curve. In addition to being a fashion blogger, Polina also has her own line of clothing called Margarita Style. She has a fan base of nine million people on Instagram and her posts are a great source of inspiration.

She’s also a contributor to the website The Russian Fashion Blogger. Her writings on fashion, style, and beauty inspire readers worldwide. She’s an expert in the field of fashion design and fashion photography. Her personal style is unique and is influenced by her cultural heritage.

Masha Min
As a fashion blogger, Masha Min has become a household name for her unique style. Her pictures show off her versatile, fun, and interesting personality. Her pictures capture the joy of being alive, as well as the sadness of sad times. Her photos are full of beautiful landscapes. She also shares them with her virtual friends.

Another famous Russian fashion blogger is Anya, a Russian who lives in New Orleans. Her blog, The Russian Girl in New Orleans, is highly popular among New Orleans fashion enthusiasts. Apart from blogging, Anya is also a model and has appeared in various online and print magazines. Her style is heavily influenced by the oceans and waves. She creates stories behind her pictures, and offers helpful tips and advice on dressing beautifully.

Masha Min has a large number of followers on Instagram. Her videos feature a variety of fashion and beauty tips and advice. She posts daily on Instagram. In addition, she posts low-calorie recipes and videos about her travels. Her videos also include her experiences in luxury beauty salons and boutiques. She also sends out reports from hangouts where the “cream of society” gathers.

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