Fashion Focus at KSU


The Fashion Focus is the fourth full-length album by Starflyer 59, and it marked a major shift in sound. Its acoustic, electronic-infused sounds pushed the band to new heights and created a sound that was at once both experimental and mainstream. The album contains both new and classic songs that are sure to please fans of both genres.

The KSU Museum has partnered with the school to present the series in conjunction with the exhibit Fashion Meets the Body. This exhibit explores the intersection of fashion and art, and the Fashion Focus series will feature talks by KSU art and fashion faculty. Artists Chanjuan Chen, Tamara Cullen, Paula Dancie, and Jeanne James will be featured at gallery talks on their fashions featured in the exhibit.

For those in the fashion industry, this game offers a variety of exciting opportunities for retailers to find a range of products. The unified framework of Fashion Focus allows sellers to orient consumers to relevant product exhibitions when they’re watching video content. This helps sellers deliver their products to their target audience in an effective manner.

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