Fashion Poet


Originally from Miami, Florida, The Fashion Poet quit her day job to pursue her passion for fashion writing and blogging. She aimed to create her own niche and give readers an inside look at Miami’s culture and fashion scene. Although she grew up believing that everything would happen, it was hard to make ends meet as a freelance writer. In 2011, she landed a contract with luxury brand Coach to write about their latest collections. She says the experience was better than she could have ever imagined.

Though fashion has been a popular medium for centuries, the public often misunderstands its creative power. Fashion has long been used to express the full range of human emotions and everyday experiences. Fashion poets use fashion as an art form to create clothing that evokes mood and stimulates emotion, helping the viewer gain a deeper understanding of the wearer. As a result, their designs are often influenced by literature. But what exactly makes a poem?

For example, Yohji Yamamoto has built his career on proving that black is beautiful. More than just a designer, Yamamoto is the director of the fashion film noir. He recently designed the costumes for Takeshi Kitano’s Brother, a movie about yakuza members. It was an instant hit and earned the designer a spot on the Oscars for his role.

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