Fashion Pulis – The Number One Entertainment Blog in the Philippines


Fashion PULIS is the number one entertainment blog in the Philippines. Founded by Filipino blogger Michael Sy Lim, the site offers an interesting window to the glitz and glamor of the country and Hollywood. It covers a wide variety of topics and attracts millions of views per post. The website’s controversial posts on celebrities and the media have drawn both fans and critics.

The site prioritizes quality over quantity and caters to a community that seeks out celebrity news. It often features celebrities doing normal, everyday things, which makes them more approachable and relatable. Hence, it is a great place to get your celebrity fix. It is also a good place to see celebrity fashion. You can learn more about how to make your own fashion blog by checking out Fashion Pulis. Here are some of its features:

As for his style, PP has been silent on many occasions. This has helped him avoid many intrigues and problems. While giving opinions on public discussion boards is tempting, they are likely to be misinterpreted. It is therefore preferable for PP to keep his mouth shut. This strategy has worked for him as his intrigues have dwindled over the years.

Men’s fashion has many facets and is continually changing. Men want clothing that looks good and works well. A fashion pulis must meet these criteria. It should also be comfortable and functional. If a fashion pulis fails in one of these categories, it won’t be attractive to men. Hence, a fashion pulis that satisfies these requirements is the best.

Fashion Pulis also offers celebrity news that is relevant to today’s fashion world. Its professional staff includes photographers and journalists who cover the most recent celebrity gossip. The website offers a one-stop platform for those who wish to know more about their favorite celebrities. The site aims to make celebrities and their fans more approachable and familiar.

Fashion Pulis has received a lot of criticism for its controversial content. Its controversial posts have been compared to Perez Hilton. It has also been accused of spreading hate and libel. Some people claim Fashion Pulis promotes racism. Others have said that the site is biased and inaccurate. But, others say it is just a blog.

Fashion Pulis uses a variety of technology to create and maintain its website. It uses Blogger, Google AdSense, and G Suite for hosting its content. It uses the same technologies as its parent brand to promote and monetize its content. The blog is also linked to the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It has an extensive social media following. Its social media presence reflects the fashion world. You can follow Fashion Pulis on these platforms to stay up-to-date with what’s trending.

Michael Sy Lim’s blog Fashion Pulis has been accused of libel over an online post concerning the sexual assault of a young model named Deniece Cornejo. The model has reportedly sued Michael Sy Lim for libel over the content. While Michael Sy Lim was released on bail, he did not mention whether the fashion blogger was guilty of the libel charge.

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