Go Go Gadget Arms – A Fun, Unique Gift For a Kid


If you’re looking for a fun, unique gift for a child, consider purchasing one of the many Go-Go Gadget Arms. This gadget was featured in the cartoon Inspector Gadget. This cyborg detective is loaded with non-lethal slapstick crime-fighting tools that he activated by saying, “Go-Go Gadget!” His arsenal includes telescoping arms, spring-loaded legs, an inflatable trench coat, a hat with a helicopter propeller, and even a laser built into his finger. go go gadget arms

The Go-Go-Gadget-Arms can activate up to 50 winning lines. When the arms are fully expanded, they can expand to seven symbols high. This will activate the second set of win lines and expand the reels to a full seven symbols high. This unique feature is a popular choice for many players. These winning combinations can add up to $2,000 to your bank account. Go-Go-Gadget-Arms are available for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

The character is very familiar to kids. The first series featured Gadget wearing the same outfit as the series, complete with eyebrows. Gadget’s hat also has a Gadget Binoculars that drop down from his hat. Another item of clothing he wears is a ‘Brella’. When Gadget puts the umbrella inside-out, he will fall rapidly. He also uses the ‘Brella’ as a parachute.

The second season features an episode involving the Gadget’s panda bear. In the first season, Gadget is on a mission to steal a painting from an amusement park. The second season introduces him to the world of robots. The first season’s episode, “The Haunted Castle,” features a double-subversion. Gadget’s minivan transforms into a police interceptor vehicle, with a variety of gadgets and weapons. The car’s design is based on a French-built Matra Murena. The MAD-mobile could transform into a submersible and jet.

Later in the series, the Gadget Coat is also inflated, making the character float. This gadget is prone to glitches, and is almost always punctured. Gadget’s ‘Copter, which resembles a helicopter, is a backup option. And when the Gadget Coat fails, the Gadget Blades can swivel and extend the legs.

The third season spawned a live-action film, Inspector Gadget: The Last Case. This movie was directed by Michael Maliani and premiered on Nickelodeon on October 6, 2002. MGM Home Entertainment released the film on VHS and DVD shortly after. The film has since been a worldwide hit. The fourth season was adapted into two live-action films and is currently being aired on ABC Family in the US and Australia.

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