How to Create a Successful Swiss Fashion Blog


For fashion trends and the latest fashion news, check out some of the best Swiss fashion blogs. Blaastyle is a popular blog that covers everything from trends to designer brands. The bloggers present in-depth articles about fashion, analyze the pros and cons, and recommend the best stores to shop in Switzerland. They also feature design labels from abroad.

Mira-Me is a style blog written by a talented photographer. Her style is sophisticated and classical, and she uses neutral colours for most outfits. She is expecting a baby soon, and she will be posting tips for style during pregnancy. You can find her style tips in her blog and on her YouTube channel.

Besides the world-famous Swiss watches and the top banking industry in Europe, Switzerland also boasts a thriving fashion blogging community. Top Swiss bloggers are diverse and reflect the different European cultures represented by the country’s diverse population. Some are German, others speak French, while others are Italian or French. All have their own specialties, and they all share a common interest in fashion and beauty.

Mercer 7 offers style tips and advice for creating a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe consists of a few well-chosen pieces that can be worn in multiple ways and for many seasons. Mercer 7 is also an advocate of slow fashion and encourages readers to invest in pieces that will last for many years. Their posts are well-written and come with gorgeous photos. The photos look like they belong in a magazine and provide readers with inspiration for their wardrobes.

If you’re a fashion blogger and want to create an online presence, you’ll need to have a good domain and a blog hosting. Most successful fashion bloggers use WordPress blogs. Once you’ve created a great blog, you can start creating content for it. Make sure to include lots of images and videos.

In addition to blogs, you can check out social media sites to follow the latest trends and lifestyle tips. Swiss fashion is synonymous with casual, sporty and quality. The biggest players in the fashion bubble are deluxe labels like Bally, Navyboot, and Strellson. But lower budget brands are breaking through the walls as well. Chicoree, for example, is a new brand that caters to young fashionistas on a budget.

Lizzy often does ‘deep dives’ on certain items, such as jeans. In this way, readers can get tips for shopping for jeans and learn about the right size for a pair of jeans. Lizzy is also an expert in styling, having written several popular posts about style and launching her own YouTube series. The YouTube series has featured videos of her style tests, which have proved popular with viewers. In addition, Lizzy has an interesting fashion video series that shows how to style basic clothing items.

Fashion blogs are growing in popularity, and are likely to influence the industry for the foreseeable future. As a result, more people are creating their own media. Traditional producers and advertisers are making adjustments to avoid being overshadowed by the new media. It’s also a great way for consumers to keep track of the latest trends and products. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, start a fashion blog!

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