Influential Russian Fashion Bloggers in New York


Polina Prokudina, a fashion blogger from Russia, is a well-known face in the New York fashion scene. A former model and stylist, she has a keen eye for detail and knows how to put together an excellent look. She shares her knowledge of the fashion world on her blog and is one step ahead of the trend. Fashion is her passion, and she is a fashion influencer in her own right, which gives her a unique perspective on the world.

Although Liza Gysevskaya is only 19 years old, she has an impressive 199K Followers on Instagram. Liza’s personal style is very feminine, with floral patterns and a touch of bold details. She is a favorite among fashion bloggers from her home country as well as international audiences.

Another fashion blogger from Russia, Margarita Nikolaeva, began blogging in 2009 and has subsequently become a highly-read fashion blogger in the Russian-speaking world. Her posts cover everything from fashion advice to tips for living as a Russian immigrant in the United States. She also launched her own clothing line, Margarita Style, in 2010 and now sells it at Zara outlets in Russia.

Another successful Russian fashion blogger in New York, Karina Grigorieva, has a devoted following of over 600k on Instagram. Known for her unique style and original outfits, she has become a leading fashion influencer in Russia. She has collaborated with Vogue Russia and taken part in several fashion events. She has earned a reputation as an inspiration for other bloggers and digital entrepreneurs. And her Instagram followers love her style and her photos.

Maryana Ro is another influential Russian fashion blogger in New York. She has received attention from prestigious fashion publications such as Vogue and Elle. She joined Instagram in 2012 and has since become a highly-followed fashion influencer. She has also partnered with several brands, including Nike and Lamborghini.

Ulyana has a growing list of celebrity and fashion clients. Her collection draws on her personal style and her passion for vintage themes. She has also gained a loyal following in North America. In fact, she has a seven-figure contract with Calvin Klein. She is also the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation.

As an entrepreneur, she has become an influential fashion influencer in New York. Her style is characterized by bold patterns and vibrant colors. She is known for her impeccable taste and impeccable business skills. Her latest collection has been featured in Elle and Vogue, and she has even collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Besides being an influential fashion blogger, she is also an experienced investor and CEO of a venture capital company.

Tina has a different style from many other popular fashion bloggers. She started her fashion blog as a way to break free from her boring day job. Since then, she has become a popular fashion influencer, collaborating with several brands. Her unconventional approach to fashion has also won her praise from Italian Vogue, which featured her designs in its September 2013 issue. The most recent collection of her clothing line is based around mythical bird-like creatures.

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