Influential Swiss Fashion Blogs


If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, a Swiss fashion blog is a place to go. Blaastyle is one such blog. The authors of the blog offer in-depth guides on fashion, discuss the pros and cons of various styles, and recommend the best Swiss fashion stores. They also feature the latest international designer labels.

Another fashion blog based in Switzerland is Ask the Monsters. Run by Beatrice and Geri, this blog focuses on fashion and lifestyle. It also features plenty of beautiful imagery. The blog also features DIY projects and recipes, which is great for the creative type. Beatrice is an avid photographer and is an excellent source of beautiful imagery. She works hard on her blog and is dedicated to growing it into a thriving business.

Another influential Swiss fashion blogger is Kristina Bazan, who founded her blog as a teenager. She has since worked with many famous designers and now has over two million followers on Instagram. She has even been named one of the top 30 under 30 personalities in the world by Forbes Magazine. She’s also a Calvin Klein and Redken ambassador.

Another popular Swiss fashion blog is ‘Blonde and Pink’. It’s run by a blogger with over 240 thousand Instagram followers. The blog has even been named one of the top fashion blogs in Europe. The author is a fashion influencer who moved to Switzerland with her family. The city is famous for its stylish lifestyle, and the blogger shares her experience of living in this beautiful country. She shares her insights on style and the best places to visit.

Besides being a successful Swiss fashion blogger, Xenia Tchoumitcheva is an entrepreneur and fashion model. Her blog has a large following on social media and she is regularly invited to Zurich events and fashion shows. Her blog has also been featured in magazines. In addition, she has a large fan base in Germany. With her savvy style, Xenia has gained a huge following in the fashion world.

As a blogger, Chiara Ferragni has achieved the highest-paid fashion blog. She’s run her blog since 2009 and has accumulated over 17 million followers. The blog focuses on fashion trends, news, and snippets of her life. It has also been voted one of the top blogs in the UK.

Switzerland is known for its high-quality banking industry, world-famous watches, and a wide range of other industries. Moreover, there are countless deluxe brands that make the country’s fashion bubble a world of luxury. Top brands such as Bally, Strellson, and Navyboot are popular, but the country is also breaking barriers with smaller budget brands. One such brand is Chicoree. It caters to the growing demand of younger fashionistas.

In addition to the above-mentioned blogs, there are a number of blogs that cover fashion trends. Some of these blogs cover everything from the latest trends to shopping tips for designer dresses. Others focus on finding the perfect party dress. Nevertheless, you’ll want to find something that fits your personal style.

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