Inspector Gadget Hat – How to Make and Use an Inspector Gadget Hat


An Inspector Gadget hat is perfect for any Inspector Gadget fan. This hat comes with a secret, which you’ll need to discover if you want to make it. If you’re anything like us, you probably have a jar of Crisco somewhere in your home. You can use this handy jar as an improvised hat by adding some fabric and beads to make a pith helmet. Or, you can use the jar as a storage container for your new gadgets and get ready for vintage-themed parties! This project is so easy that even a child can make it. All you need is materials and some imagination. Let’s get started!

What you need for an Inspector Gadget hat
You need a pith helmet, bobby pins, fabric, plastic bags, and a few veggies. Here are the items you’ll need for an Inspector Gadget hat: Pith helmet – You can use an old baseball cap, a plastic bag, or a cake pan. The helmet should be big enough to fit inside the plastic bag. The bag should be wide enough to fit both your head and the helmet. Veggies – You can use whatever types of veggies you like. We like bell peppers because they’re red, but regular bell peppers would work just fine too. Fabric – We used ruffled fabric but any type of fabric will work. The fabric should be at least 18″ long. Plastic bags – You can use regular grocery bag plastic or a clear plastic bag. The bag should be wide enough to fit both your head and the helmet.

How to make an Inspector Gadget Hat
The first step is to cut the fabric and plastic bags into strips. Begin by cutting the fabric into 2″ strips. Then, cut the plastic bags into 1/4″ strips. Now, take one strip of fabric and one strip of plastic bags and place them together to make a pith helmet. The helmet should be as close to the plastic bag as possible. Then, tie a bow on top of the helmet to make it look more like a cap. And there you have it! If you’re looking for an unusual and fun accessory for your next get-together, look no further.

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