Isha Inspired a Fraud?


If you receive a telemarketing call from a company named “Fashion Isha,” think twice before answering. You might be the victim of a scam that uses this company’s name to get your credit card number. The scam involves a caller claiming to be from Fashion Isha, and then attempting to get personal information about your online shopping habits.

The name of Sharon’s fashion blog, Fashion Isha, comes from a play on the word fashionista. She is Jewish and covers her body and hair for religious purposes, but she’s also a style-conscious fashionista. She documents current fashion trends and is an innovator in the field of fashion.

The website also offers helpful tips for those looking to make their own personal style stand out. It includes information about different fashion stores, a blog section, and personal calls from models. Since Isha Andres started the blog in 2010, she has amassed a following of loyal readers. She also offers fashion coaching and portfolio development, and sometimes even holds workshops. Fashion Isha was founded by two former models. It is an online community that features fashion tips and advice from fashionistas and aspires to make everyone feel beautiful and stylish.

Another important aspect of this community is its focus on style and confidence. Isha Inspired believes that self-confidence is one of the most valuable accessories you can own. Having confidence in your style is an important step toward a successful lifestyle, and the company aims to help women gain confidence in their own looks. The company’s mission statement outlines that “confidence is the most beautiful accessory,” so a woman’s style must begin with confidence.

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