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Geraldine started littlebigbell design with a love of color and an eye for style. She has a knack for identifying new talent and has made the company a hub for current trends and creative content. She writes, styles and photographs original content. She has a unique way of bringing ideas to life, from interiors to fashion and lifestyle.

Services Offered
Little Big Bell is a design and interiors company that focuses on making your home stylish and comfortable. Founded in 2005, this company has been on a mission to make life better for their clients and customers. They specialize in fashion and homewares, and also write a blog called The Little Big Bell Style.

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The designers ask several questions during the consultation process, such as your taste in style and trends. For example, if you like blue, red, or white, you can tell your designer this and she’ll work out a style and colour scheme for you. Then, she’ll produce a sketch or mood board, and ask you for feedback. She may also write articles and give you style tips.

While little big bell design offers interior and exterior design services, they are also a fashion lifestyle blog that features cool, eclectic, and hip accessories. Their blog also offers unique gift ideas, including unique furniture, cool accessories, and fun home decor.

Why Choose littlebigbell?
Little Big Bell is a design company that specializes in home and lifestyle design. Their mission is to create useful, stylish products that improve people’s lives. The company was founded in 2005 and continues to make new innovations in design. From bedroom sets to table lamps to furniture, they can help you create the perfect home.

As a designer, you will want to keep up with current fashion trends. Little Big Bell will help you keep up with the latest trends by offering style tips. From how to wear your favorite shoes to how to style your hair, the advice provided by these experts can help you look your best.

The blog is a great way to add a creative flare to your interior. Not only does it have an eclectic collection of stylish home decor, but it also has cool accessories and gifts for the holiday season. Their Instagram account is also an incredible way to stay up to date with the latest designs and products.

How to Get Started with littlebigbell Design?
If you’re looking for inspiration for your spring home makeover, take a look at Little Big Bell design. This colorful and fun blog is the perfect source for spring makeover ideas. Geraldine Tan is an interior designer and the author of the popular blog. Before she began her own blog, Geraldine was already passionate about design. Her own home is a wonderful example of her work, which she shares on her website.

Little Big Bell is a design and lifestyle blog. Founded by Geraldine Tan, the site focuses on improving people’s lives through colour and design. It has a rapidly growing following of over half a million people across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on their latest products and promotions.

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