McDonald’s Go Go Gadget Arms Promotional Toys


Among the many promotional toys that McDonald’s offers, there is an Inspector Gadget toy. These toys are a great way to promote your restaurant. In the 80s, many fans played with these toys. They were great fun to play with and made a lasting impression on the kids who grew up watching the show. These toys also come with a coloring book. Whether you’re looking for a collector’s item or a fun way to express yourself, there is an Inspector Gadget toy for you.

The Inspector Gadget action figure comes with a grey overcoat, blue trousers, black shoes, a parasol, an umbrella-parachute, a gadget copter, handcuffs, a hammer, and more. The toy has articulated joints at the elbows, shoulders, neck, and wrists, allowing it to move and perform as Inspector Gadget does on the show. There is even a nifty little gadget that lets Inspector Gadget jump!

The Deluxe Version of Inspector Gadget comes with extras that make it more realistic. These figures come with a display base, extra accessories, and more. The Deluxe Set contains all four of the toys, as well as a bonus scenery. The Deluxe Set also comes with speech bubbles and sound effects. It also comes with clips that plug into the base and ends of the stand. These add to the cute charm of the set-up.

Action figures are a fun way to recreate your favorite cartoon characters. With multiple points of articulation, they are realistic and fun to play with. They also come with interchangeable parts and accessories. One set includes all four characters from the hit show. The sets come with several accessories for the different characters, including a flashlight, a magnifying glass, and the iconic robot. Aside from Inspector Gadget, there are also action figures for other characters.

Fans of the Inspector Gadget series will appreciate the many high tech toys available. These toys are made to resemble the original series and will be sure to delight young and old alike. Some of these toys can even extend their arms and legs. They also feature the lovable Brain puppy, as well as his cute niece Penny. The characters also have a funny side, too. You’ll be sure to find an Inspector Gadget toy that will make you smile for years to come!

There are many different types of Inspector Gadget toys available for children to play with. Many of these toys come in colourful boxes. The boxes feature large pink text and images of the characters. Some include Dr. Claw and the Gadgetmobile. You can also find a figure of the Gadgetmobile. They’re an excellent way to show your child that he can play with Gadget toys and make them as much fun as he wants.

Inspector Gadget was a cartoon that ran from 1983 to 1985 in the USA. It was created by Andy Heyward and starred Don Adams. The series was also adapted into a movie, Get Smart. The toys sold at Goodman’s in Double Bay were officially licensed merchandise. There were 3000 items for sale, including toys, games, and posters. The prices ranged from $65 to $300. However, they are often not sold online.

The original series was released on VHS in 1983 and was released by the Meier Group and later by Family Home Entertainment and Kideo Video. Later, the series was released on DVD and distributed by the same company. The movie’s special edition features the pilot, “Winter Olympics”, and two episodes from the original series. There were also several DVDs and games featuring Inspector Gadget, including the first one, “The Amazon”.

The film version of Inspector Gadget was a box-office hit. While it received mixed reviews, it did make $134 million. It also featured a sampled theme song. A sequel to the cartoon, Inspector Gadget: A Musical Journey, was released in 1999. It was written and directed by Alex Zamm and D.L. Hughley, who had previously played the Gadgetmobile voice, reprised his role in the movie. French Stewart replaced Adams as Gadget, and other new faces played his friends and colleagues.

The television show aired in 1983 and featured a moustached Gadget. DiC, the company behind the show, produced the first episode for the US audience. The film also made it to the US market. The series was first broadcast in North America in September 1983, while the show premiered in France in October of the same year. The French version featured a French title and theme song. While it was adapted for the US market, the original version featured a moustached Gadget.

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