Russian Fashion Blogger: Who lives In New York City?


Angela is a Russian fashion blogger who splits her time between Moscow and New York. She has her own clothing line and has over 600K followers on Instagram. She has also been a guest speaker at many fashion events and is often featured on television. She shares her fashion tips on her blog and shares her life in the big apple with the rest of us.

Angela Is a Russian Fashion Blogger
Angela Rossinger is a Russian fashion expert who began her career as a journalist before transitioning to the modeling industry. Now she uses social media to share her professional insights with the world. She splits her time between New York and Budapest, where she writes about the latest trends, beauty events, and fashion secrets. Angela is passionate about the oceans and seas, and her fashion designs reflect that.

Another Russian fashion blogger who has made a name for herself on the international stage is Margarita Nikolaeva. She is a former model and fashion editor who established her online presence by posting sexy photos of herself wearing some of the most exquisite clothing available. Her taste in fashion is eclectic and she covers everything from haute couture to premium items. She has also launched her own clothing line, which is sold in Zara stores throughout Russia.

Polina Prokudina is another stylish Russian fashion blogger. This former model and stylist is well-known in the New York fashion scene. She knows how to put together a fabulous look, from head to toe. As a fashion blogger, she is one step ahead of the industry and has a pulse on trends. This means she has an insider’s perspective on the fashion world and can help you make fashion choices that will work for you, too.

Another famous Russian fashion blogger in New York is Karina Samburskaya. The 30-year-old star is best known for her role in the television show “Univer.” She’s a fashion diva who has gained fame and success for herself as an actress and fashion blogger.

She Splits Her Time Between Moscow, New York, and Budapest
If you’re a fan of high fashion, you’ll probably be interested in the work of Russian fashion blogger, Polina Nikolaeva. Formerly a model and journalist, she has become one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. She shares her insight on the latest trends, beauty events, and fashion secrets. She splits her time between New York, Budapest, and Moscow.

You don’t need to buy expensive language programs to start a fashion blog in Russia. You can use your blog as a platform to express your ideas and build a brand. The first step is picking a style aesthetic. A unique sense of style will make you stand out from your competitors.

She has a Clothing line called Marryana by Maryana Ro
Marryana by Maryana Ro is a clothing line that focuses on the needs of women and the fashions that are trending today. The blogger is based in New York and is famous for her sexy and fun designs. She recently launched a fashion blog to showcase her latest clothing line. Its debut collection includes lingerie, dresses, and denim. The collection is made of organic cotton, and is very comfortable and stylish.

She has gained a loyal following and received several awards for her work. In 2018, her YouTube subscribers increased to 6 million. The majority of her income comes from advertising for high-end brands. In 2017, she made over $25 million. In addition to this, she recently bought her parents a house in Japan. Despite this, she was once a simple teenager with an ordinary life.

As a child, Maryana RO took part in model castings and visited beauty salons. She loved to pose for photographs and often changed her clothing. She also engaged in a small business where she purchased Japanese products that were unavailable in her country and resold them at a higher price.

Marryana by Maryana RO started out with a YouTube channel and has since become a popular fashion blogger. The channel was registered in January 2012 and was first published two years later. Since then, the channel has gained more than 4 million subscribers and 500,000 daily views. Her videos include fashion videos, Japan news, and personal stories.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Maryana Ro has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers. Aside from blogging and videos, Maryana Ro is also a musician and has composed two songs. Her song “Farewell” is about a love lost.

She has 600K Followers On Instagram
One of the most popular Russian fashion bloggers in New York is Karina Nigay, who has more than 600K followers on Instagram. Nigay is also a fashion stylist and has collaborated with a Russian edition of Vogue. In addition to her Instagram account, Karina regularly posts videos to YouTube, sharing her fashion insight and experiences. Another Russian fashion blogger is Yana Nigay, who has nearly 600K followers on Instagram. Both of these ladies are big influencers, so you’ll want to follow them if you want to see what they’re wearing.

Masha Minogarova has nearly one million followers on Instagram. The Russian blogger has a large following and has been a leading figure in the modeling world for years. She has a unique style and is known for her unique outfits, which have made her a success in the international fashion world.

Another popular Russian fashion blogger with a large following is Anna Midday, a Russian who lives in New Orleans. She has been blogging since 2009 and has been featured in various publications. Her goal is to inspire people to be more stylish and happy, and her blog reflects this goal.

In addition to her successful Instagram account, Ro is also active on YouTube, where she posts daily vlogs. The Russian socialite also has a husky dog named Masha, which has over 2 million followers. She has collaborated with brands including Nike, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz.

Polina Prokudina is a former model and stylist. She has a keen eye for fashion and shares her photos on her blog Polished Closets. With more than 600K followers on Instagram, Polina has made herself a fashion icon.

She has Been Featured In Publications
A Russian fashion blogger in New York has caught the eye of both the fashion-forward and the discerning. Liza Gysevskaya, who was born in Moscow, has over 199K followers on her blog. Her style is a mix of high fashion and streetwear. She’s also a model and has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week.

The internet presence of Russian fashion blogger Maryana Ro has been noted by publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She’s even appeared in ads for brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Nike. She’s also launched her own clothing line called Marryana by Maryana Ro.

Despite the controversy surrounding her name, she remains a whiz in the world of fashion. While she was born in Russia, she has lived in France, Germany, and New York. Her blog has been featured in dozens of magazines and has garnered nearly 2 million followers on Instagram.

As a teenager, Liza Gysevskaya began modeling at an early age. Her first big break came when she was featured on the cover of the Russian fashion blogger in New York magazine at age fourteen. After that, she became famous all over the world. She has since collaborated with fashion brands such as Chanel and Valentino. She has even performed on the runway several times.

Polina Goldenberg is another Russian fashion influencer in New York. She has worked with top brands and is known for her street style glamour. Another popular Russian fashion blogger in New York, Adam Dawson, runs popular blog I AM GALLA. She offers fashion styling tips and trend forecasts.

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