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Shwe Yoke Fashion – Baby & Home Accessories is a business located in muuchy, Myanmar. It operates in the Store category and has a customer rating of 5. Customers can contact the business on +95 9 42680 9111. The store is located near other related places in the area.

Yokes were first used in the 19th century and became fashionable on women’s clothing. They are often shaped and fit around the shoulders and hips and provide structural support to the looser parts of the garment. Yokes were first seen in the 1880s, when yokes were first used on the bodice and yoke skirt. Today, you can find yokes on modern skirt patterns.

Yokes in dress shirts can have split or single seams, or they can have one continuous seam. In either case, the yoke will have a distinct seam running across it, creating a more visually appealing design. A split yoke has a smoother look, and it will make the shirt appear less cluttered.

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