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If you want to add a little southern charm to your wardrobe, Southern Flair is the blog for you. This fashion and personal style blog is full of outfit ideas and beauty tips. You can also read about how to add a little southern charm to your home or office. It’s a great place to start.

What Southern Style Means
If you’re wondering what southern cuisine is all about, you’re not alone. Many of the foods of the South are influenced by their regional culture. For example, in the Gulf South, you’ll often find beignets and butter beans. Then, there are the traditional Southern foods like grits, corn bread, country ham, boiled sweet potatoes, and sorghum molasses. In addition to those classic dishes, Southern cuisine also features a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Southern cuisine has roots in the native American populations that lived in the region. They hunted and farmed crops to provide their families with food. In the South, many of these tribes cultivated corn and other crops, which became staples for the region. In addition, they hunted turkeys, squirrels, and opossums. These people didn’t throw away their leftover meat, and they made use of neck bones in stews and pot pies.

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Southern cooking also includes the use of local produce and seafood. It also features smoked meats. It also draws on influences from other cultures. Consequently, Southern dishes are diverse, with traditional favorites like Fried Chicken with Tomato Gravy and modern mash-ups like Summer Bean Salad with Potlikker Vinegarette.

The History of Southern Style
Southern architecture is characterized by symmetrical design. Homes with this style often have square front doors and flanked by tall, skinnier windows and French doors. In addition, southern homes often have first-story basements, which help to keep the main living spaces dry and provide extra storage space. Wrap-around porches are also popular features of southern architecture, providing both a shady area to sit and protection from the elements.

While Southern cooking is influenced by several other regional cooking styles, its roots are firmly rooted in the southern hemisphere. African-Americans, for instance, did not have access to education, so recipes and cooking methods were passed on orally. Slavery also had an impact on the history of southern cooking.

The evolution of Southern cooking can be traced back centuries. It originated with the arrival of African slaves in southern colonies. The intention was to feed slave families and satisfy their hunger. While collard greens are not a native food of Africa, the practice of eating them in a low gravy and drinking its juice, known as “pot likker,” was brought by slaves to the southern hemisphere. In addition to collard greens, slaves were also provided with other food that was left over in the plantation kitchen. Other foods included ham hocks, pig’s feet, and turnips.

How to Dress in Southern Style
Southern style is a classic and versatile look. It combines country-chic style with preppy style. It is also timeless. In this style, you can dress down or up for special occasions depending on the weather. To imitate this look, you can invest in several separates made from different fabrics and styles. They are incredibly versatile and work well with sandals or heels. You can also pair them with formal wear or summer knits.

The key to dressing in the South is to incorporate a lot of colorful details into your wardrobe. For example, you can add oversized earrings and a chunky leather belt to your outfit. Also, consider a tunic dress – it’s light, cool and perfect for summer. This look can also be paired with ballet flats, sandals, or sleek heels.

Jeans have their time and place in the southern style, but they’re not appropriate for weddings or golf. If you want to wear denim, opt for a dark pair of jeans that contrast with your bright shirt. Dark colors are also more formal than light-colored denim, but if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, a light pair of jeans will do. Similarly, a hooded sweater will work well with nearly any outfit.

If you are looking for a fashion and personal style blog that celebrates the unique style of the southern United States, then you should check out Southern Flair. This blog is full of outfit inspiration and beauty tips. It is the perfect way to add a touch of southern charm to your style!

The blog is written by a southern woman who shares her love for fashion and style. She features DIY projects, beauty tips and recipes. The blog also has a section about weddings and life tips. It has been rated by readers as one of the best fashion and personal style blogs.

Southern fashion bloggers are known for mixing contemporary styles with classic designs. Despite the southern flair of their clothes, they always look elegant and put together. Their style is a unique blend of southern hospitality and style. By mixing and matching different styles, you can create a stunning look.

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