Starflyer 59 and the Fashion Focus Series at the KSU Museum


Starflyer 59’s fourth full-length album, The Fashion Focus, marked a significant shift in the band’s sound. This album showcased the band’s unique blend of hard-core, funk, and rock influences. The album features many of the same songs from their previous albums, but with a more experimental and sexy twist.

The KSU Museum is currently home to an exhibition titled Fashion Meets the Body. The exhibit features art and fashion faculty from KSU’s School of Fashion Design and Merchandising. Chanjuan Chen and Tamara Cullen, two KSU art faculty members, will lead gallery talks focused on the fashions in this exhibition. Other fashion faculty members include Jeanne James, Paula Dancie, and Paula Chen. The Fashion Focus series will feature a variety of fashion faculty and students presenting gallery talks on the fashions they created for the exhibit.

While the Focus of Fashion features many of the same products, it also provides a new and unique way to showcase your products. Aside from presenting your products to consumers through videos, Fashion Focus will also guide them toward relevant product exhibitions. This will ensure that your products are delivered in a more effective way. The new system will also give you the edge over your competition, and will increase your sales! However, you need to have an idea of what you’re selling and how to present it to customers.

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