Starflyer 59’s The Fashion Focus


Starflyer 59’s fourth full-length album, The Fashion Focus, saw a significant change in the band’s sound. The band’s music now leaned more towards a more synth-pop sound. The band’s new sound is apparent throughout the album, and it is a significant departure from the band’s previous sound. This album marks the band’s best work to date, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

The Focus of Fashion debuted on the International server and was released for $4.99 USD. The game’s protagonist, Grace, had dazzling blonde hair, a silver sequin collar, and black leather belt. She believes that fashion is a way of life and doesn’t care if people criticize her for it. Unlike many fashion bloggers, Grace embraces her individuality and embraces her own unique style. Aside from embracing the uniqueness of her style, Grace’s fashion sense is complemented by her taste in art and music.

Fashion Focus Chicago’s runway shows are fascinating people-watching events. Each show attracts a different type of audience. While the Chicago Fashion Incubator show attracted fashion journalists, the Dress Code show attracted fashion academics and students, while the Art of Fashion show drew a more society-oriented crowd. While the Art of Fashion show attracted a more youthful audience, it also featured directional looks, including dresses for charity events.

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