Stop Isha Spam Calls


If you’re getting calls from an unfamiliar number, it’s a good idea to think twice before you answer. One common scam is the “Fashion Isha Spam“, in which a caller pretends to be from the company or to have knowledge of your online shopping habits. Then, the caller will ask for personal information, including your credit card number. You should never give out this information, as the calls are usually fake.

Fashion Isha Spam is a popular fashion blog that covers beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Founded in 2010, the blog has a loyal following of readers. The name is a play on words that reflects the author’s love of fashion and personal experiences. Fashion Isha Spam has been featured in fashion magazines and has even been interviewed by major names in the fashion industry. You may wonder how a fashion blogger can become a fashion icon.

If you are receiving calls from Isha spammers, it’s best to hang up on the call immediately. Never agree to anything or give personal information to them. If the caller is persistent, you should politely say “goodbye” to the caller and hang up. Another common way to stop these calls is to block the number, but this isn’t effective long-term.

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