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Fashion Poet

Originally from Miami, Florida, The Fashion Poet quit her day job to pursue her passion for fashion writing and blogging. She aimed to create her own niche and give readers an inside look at Miami's culture and fashion scene. Although she

The Fashion Poet: What Is It?

The words 'fashion poet' have long resonated with individuals, industries, and even generations. When Ben Okri contributed a poem to Bonner's AW19 co-ed collection, he gave the word a lyrical quality. In his poem, the black intellectuals

The Fashion Poet

Being a fashion poet is an art form. It is a way to express yourself through dressing. It is a way to try new things and express yourself more authentically. A great fashion poet can capture this by using a combination of different

The Fashion Poet: Complete Review

The Fashion Poet is a woman-owned business in Brooklyn, New York. It specializes in hair products and services. It has been in business for 2 years. It generates annual revenues of $517,221. It has 10 employees at one location. The company

What Is The Fashion Poet

The Fashion Poet is a self-proclaimed fashionista. After a long career in the advertising industry, Vanessa Vazquez decided to pursue her passion for writing full-time and created the blog The Fashion Poet. Her aim was to distinguish