The Baton Rouge Fashion Council


The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is a nonprofit group of fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and retailers who work together to help local businesses grow and thrive. This group provides valuable resources, connections, and mentorship opportunities to help local businesses succeed. Its mission is to provide a welcoming environment to fashion lovers and budding designers.

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The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote fashion and Louisiana culture. Its board of directors includes some of the most prominent people in the local business community. Laura Sisson, owner of Sisson Designers Studio, and Julianna Johnson, owner of two boutiques, are both members of the board.

The council hosts several events throughout the year, including fashion shows and educational events for people in the fashion industry. It also provides mentorship opportunities for designers and local businesses. The organization also hosts events to celebrate Louisiana culture through fashion. To learn more about how to get involved in the council’s events and programs, visit their website.

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is a nonprofit organization comprised of designers, fashion lovers, and fashion industry professionals. They aim to support the local fashion community by facilitating events like Fashion Week, pop-up shops, and sewing workshops. By doing so, they are helping local businesses thrive and attracting more jobs in the fashion industry.

The Style of a Southern Girl
The style of a Southern girl is unique from the rest of the country. Unlike people in the North, who tend to wear plain, simple, conservative outfits, Southern girls tend to dress in vibrant patterns and add plenty of accessories. While there are no exact rules for the Southern style, there are some essential items and patterns that every Southern girl should have in her wardrobe.

Southern women know what looks good on them and know how to make it work. They have a higher standard of personal style and are very aware of what makes them stand out from the crowd. The style of a southern girl is refined and sweet. She knows when to wear a maxi dress and when to rock a pair of flip-flops.

Southern women make their guests feel welcome. Before a guest arrives, they will make sure that the room has everything needed to make her feel at home.

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