The Go Go Gadget Arms


You’ve probably seen Inspector Gadget in the movies, but did you know he used go-go gadget arms to get where he needed to go? As a nerdy cartoon geek, you’re likely to be interested in this product. This gadget will help you get to far-off places. You might have even wondered if it’s real. The short answer is yes. The go-go gadget arms are real, and they can reach places where other gadgets can’t. go go gadget arms

In the original series, the Gadgets wear roller skates. This makes it more realistic, and it allows them to extend their legs without any problem. Later, the series introduces rockets. Gadgets also have their own hats, so they can wear various accessories to match the style of their outfit. During a fight, the gadgets can be used to shoot objects and enemies. These gadgets are also highly customizable, and can be used in any situation.

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