The New Infinite X Gadget: How to Use It Every Day


You spend most of your day conducting business with people you don’t know, speaking to people you don’t understand. Your personal data is automatically tracked and stored by companies you don’t know or trust. You access information about other people—their accounts, their finances, even hidden cameras—without their permission. And yet, this digital world has created a whole new realm of phenomena we call “the internet of things.” It’s almost as if the internet was born from our own actions: every time we link a computer to the web through an “internet-enabled device,” that device becomes part of an infinite X gadget (pronounced ix). It’s the invisible networked computing infrastructure that powers the modern world—a digital infrastructure governed by algorithms and connected devices. These are simply XGADGETS. They are not companies or services; they are not even specific industries such as finance or healthcare. Instead, they are a collection of everyday technologies that collectively form one category called “infinite X gadgets.” Read on to learn everything you need to know about these everyday computing platforms known as “infinite X gadgets” including how they work, potential pitfalls, and their potential benefits.

What Are Infinite X GADGETS?
Infinite X gadgets are computer systems that are networked, web-connected and/or app-enabled. These everyday devices form the basis for an infinite X networked computing infrastructure that runs the modern world. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are about 1.4 billion internet-connected devices in the world—including computers, smartphones, Internet of Things devices and other networked hardware. Because these devices are connected to the internet, they are also connected to each other and to ITU’s system of interconnected exchanges, called the “backbone.” All these devices form an interconnected network that is referred to as an “infinite X” network.

How Does an Infinite X Gadget Work?
An infinite X gadget is defined as a general-purpose computer and networked-enabled device that can be used to connect and “run” other devices such as cars, medical devices, factories, homes or other areas with a need for regular and consistent access to the internet. Most infinite X gadgets operate as “software defined” devices that are “cloud” enabled. They use an app-based software development model that lets users develop and deploy software on these devices without writing code in-house. These app-based software development models are emerging in several industries—such as healthcare, financial services, and shipping—to build new or enhance existing products or services.

Types of Infinite X Gadgets
Like many computer technologies, the components of an infinite X gadget can vary depending on the individual product’s purpose. There are categories of gadgets that are

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