Tiny Big Bell Design – A Unique Way to Spice Up Your Interiors


Tiny big bell design is a unique way to spice up your interiors. You can find a wide selection of home decor items, cool accessories, and fun gifts for the holiday season. This blog focuses on fashion, lifestyle, and design. The owners are also passionate about sharing their creativity with others.

What Is Littlebigbell
If you’re a design lover, you’ve probably heard about the new blog Little Big Bell. This Singapore-based brand specializes in homeware and design, with a focus on lifestyle. The brand has been around since 2005 and continues to be a leader in the design industry. The brand features original content and has a rapidly-growing following of over half a million followers across social media.

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Little Big Bell has a range of services and is always happy to work with brands that share its aesthetic. For example, we will only recommend products that Geraldine would use, and we will clearly label sponsored posts as such.

Littlebigbell Design Interiors Fashion Lifestyle
The Little Big Bell Design company focuses on homeware, fashion, and lifestyle. Founded in 2005, it is focused on creating useful things and improving people’s lives. Its goal is to make homes more fashionable and comfortable. The company also features a blog called The Little Big Bell Style.

This blog features a funky mix of furniture and accessories. It also features a fantastic Instagram account, so you can keep up with new arrivals and ideas. They also have a great selection of gifts for the holiday season. Those in search of stylish gifts for the holidays will find something on little big bell design interiors’ blog.

About the Owner
Geraldine Tan, the owner of Little Big Bell, is a London-based interior designer and lifestyle blogger. She uses her passion for colour, design, and photography to share her ideas and inspire her followers. In addition to posting her own content, Geraldine curates the latest trends in the world of decor. Her website has a growing audience of over 500,000 followers across all social media channels.

Little Big Bell welcomes collaborations with brands interested in promoting their products. When choosing sponsors, the team works to promote products that correspond with the aesthetic of the site. Geraldine would use the products that she promotes, and sponsored posts are clearly labeled as such.

Company History
Little Big Bell is an interior design and lifestyle company that creates high-quality content for clients in a range of industries. It provides styling and photography services for lookbooks and other materials, as well as delivering brand campaigns through social media. Its clients span the interiors, healthcare, and tech industries. Its founder, Dr. Geraldine Tan, has been involved in the design industry for over ten years. She has a passion for colour, design, and decorating.

The company’s designs are both stylish and functional. In fact, it has one of the most stylish conference rooms in the world. It is the perfect place to host business meetings or an event. In addition, the company’s Instagram feed is a visual feast. The company was founded in 2005 and continues to be a leader in the field of design and style.

Services Offered
Geraldine Tan, the founder of Little Big Bell, is a passionate interior designer. She uses her blog and social media accounts to promote new designers and their creative visions. Her aim is to share original content and inspire others through design and colour. The result is a growing audience of over 400,000 people across all social media channels and subscriptions.

Established in 2005, the company’s mission is to create functional yet beautiful things. Her team is committed to making their customers feel comfortable while maximizing their personal style and personal lifestyle. They create funky accessories and fun furniture that will enhance your home.

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