What Is The Fashion Poet


The Fashion Poet is a self-proclaimed fashionista. After a long career in the advertising industry, Vanessa Vazquez decided to pursue her passion for writing full-time and created the blog The Fashion Poet. Her aim was to distinguish herself from other fashion bloggers and showcase Miami’s art and culture. Despite her inclination for writing, she found it difficult to make ends meet as a freelancer. Fortunately, an opportunity arose that offered her more than she had ever dreamed of.

Though fashion is sometimes misunderstood by the general public, it has been used for centuries as an expressive medium for people to express a variety of human emotions. It has been used to describe everything from everyday life to the most intense emotions. The fashion poet, on the other hand, uses fashion as an art form and creates clothing that evokes an emotion or mood. These pieces can lead people to a deeper understanding of themselves.

Poetry is a type of creative writing, and there are over fifty different forms of poetry. However, most teachers only cover the most popular seven forms. For example, the fashion poet might write a poem about a piece of clothing that affects one individual. However, in most cases, a poem may contain more than one person.

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