What Is the Fashionably Broke


The Fashionably Broke is a blog devoted to bringing fashion-obsessed individuals together. It is a collaborative effort between Natalie Pinto, a personal stylist, and Grant Harris, owner of Image Granted, a company that helps people find their ideal image. The site features personal outfit photos, personal style advice, and more.

Lindsey Jednak, a fourth grade teacher from Philadelphia, has more than 37,000 Instagram followers and a style that is bohemian chic. Bold prints and bright colors are prevalent throughout her page. Jednak also loves reading magazines and traveling. She also enjoys wine, coffee, and laughing.

For fashion-conscious individuals, a low-paying retail job is a great way to stay in style. Many retail jobs offer free clothes and discounts of 30 percent or more. Some even offer 50 percent off items during sales. While these are still relatively low-paying jobs, they offer a unique experience and a chance to wear new clothes. And the extra cash can go a long way! You can even be the fashionably broke dude!

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